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Job: (2000-2001)

In my first job after university I was responsible for the Online-Marketing at - but only six months. Economical reasons forced to dismiss one CEO and five employees, with me being one of them...
Nevertheless the job was fun, since I was responsible for almost everything: management of affiliate partners, controlling of online advertising, coordiation of the production of a CD-ROM, conceptional work regarding CRM, creation of HTML pages and even banners (although I've got talent for everything but graphic design;-)

Job: Stella (2001-2002)

Until 2002, I was Database Manager at Stella, a musical production company. My job was strongly linked with IT, marketing and sales. I was responsible for the consumer and customer database, which included re-design of the database model, a migration, contact with external partners to maintain a high quality of address data and much co-operation with the marketing department.
Thus, among other tasks, I ensured that we learned to know a lot about our customers and that our direct marketing activities always reached the determined target groups.
Unfortunately, Stella went bankrupt, our strongest competitor (Stageholding) took over the musical theaters, but not the German headquarter - neither me.


Job: EOS (2002-now)

Since December 2002 I work as a CRM Administrator for EOS IT Services and EOS Holding - an international financial services provider.
Since 2006, I am responsible for implementation and roll out of the CRM System SuperOffice throughout all German and international subsidiaries.
My main tasks cover both technical and functional issues, such as definition of sales processes, sales reporting, user training, definition of interfaces - and of course migration and rollout for all EOS subsidiaries.