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In 1996, I began studying at the NORDAKADEMIE, a private academy in Elmshorn, and now, I have almost finished. The studies consist of two complementary parts: a theoretical and a practical. Ten weeks of each semester I have had classes at the academy, the other 13 I have worked in a company, Sanford, manufacturer of different kinds of writing instruments. 
Oh - I still haven't told what I am still studying: Computer Science and Business Management, a mixture of both business and computer sciences. Now I have the opportunity to be qualified to take over nearly any kind of job I am interested in, which might be webdesign, internet-marketing, CRM, or e-business.


After two years of exhausting studies there is the option to spend a semester abroad. Of course I didn't let pass this opportunity and took the chance to go to Almería, Spain in autumn of 1998.
These four months have changed two basic things in me: 1) I really want to go abroad another time, maybe for working, but never forever. 2) I now do speak Spanish.
The most impressing photos of this time in Spain can be found on my homepage, too.