You see? This is me today!

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Being born on 12th of June in 1976, I was small, light and a little bit too early. Up to now much changes have taken place: I am tall, heavy and often a bit too late. But that's academic - just a quarter of an hour.


I cannot remember much of the first six years of my life. But then I started elementary school in Pinneberg, a small German city. Only half a year later I had to change the school because we moved to our current address in Hamburg. Three and a half years later I changed schools again - and went to a so-called Gymnasium (kind of high school), which I ended off in 1995 with the receipt of my Abitur - without any severe problems.

Social Service:

After having finished school I had to choose between military and alternative service. I have decided in favour of alternative service - I spent a year in our church. My jobs have been quite different: caretaker, verger, cleaner, gardener, assistant in the kindergarten, driver, projectionist, youth worker, etc.